Page Composition

We have multi-skilled Technical Team for Page Composition. They have Very good knowledge in Handling Master Pages, trouble shootings on Fonts and color related matters. They set template and styles through analyzing specification and instruction supplied by the customer.


We have High skilled Graphic designers and illustrators for Redrawing/Re-labelling of Artworks and image-extraction in colors and Black & white, Image cleansing and back round removal, making cutouts of photos etc using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Proof Reading

We have post-graduate team for Proof Reading. They check the data word by word or character by character, spell check etc based on the requirement, Style consistency and Global instruction etc. They assure the conformance for the requirement of quality through analyzing specification and instruction supplied by the customer.

Quality Assurance

We have well experienced team for Quality Assurance. They check the page design, Fonts and color etc against the supplied specification and instructions. They assure the desired / required quality before delivering the projects.

XML & Ebook Conversion

We have knowledgeable team for XML conversion along with MathML, TeX to XML, Doc to XML etc., they use appropriate or Publisher DTD with ISO entities and unicode entities. Well-formation and parsing being done with XMLSPY and preview (for online proof reading to check the data) with Internet Explorer using CSS etc. PDF Ebook with linking and ePub conversion being done with great care. We do MathML conversion for heavy mathematical projects.